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RF (Radio Frequency) Services

GDS performs both software-based and field radio path surveys. While software-based radio path surveys can provide an overview of RF (radio frequency) coverage within a specific geographic area, field surveys are the gold standard for assessing site conditions and available radio paths.


GDS team members perform field radio path surveys utilizing controllers to transmit data. Test results are analyzed and a comprehensive report is presented to the customer discussing viable radio paths and available options. ​​​

GDS consults with customers to determine the best data communication options for SCADA Telemetry control systems. Communication options range from landline, cell modem, to radio. Within radio communications, Low band, VHF, UHF, or 700/800/900 MHz frequencies are available within a specified geographical area.


Working with our FCC radio frequency coordinator, GDS can perform a scan of available frequencies in a defined area, and obtain a new FCC radio license or renew an existing one. The FCC license authorizes a control system to transmit and receive data within a specific geographical area in the authorized frequency and power.

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