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I/O Interface Kits

To provide cost effective installation of the ACE3600 RTU, Global Data Specialists has created I/O interface kits that can be used for faster and easier installation of the equipment. The kit consists of DIN rail mounted terminal blocks and relay blocks along with a direct interface connector to the front of the I/O module and a 3 ft cable. Additional lengths are optional.

These kits have been designed for the Mixed I/O module, 8/16 AI module, 8/16 DO module, 16/32 DI module, 4 AO module, 4AO/8AI module, 16DI FET, 8 DI/8DO FET, 16DO FET, and the 16 DI 120-230V module. Additional modules can be designed upon request.

The kits can be mounted within a wall mount enclosure along with the ACE3600 RTU, or within a separate housing outside the enclosure mounting depending upon the site requirements.

These I/O interface kits were created to solve following issues:

  • The maximum wire size for the terminals on the ACE3600 I/O modules is 18 ga.

  • The relays in the DO and Mixed I/O modules do not have a high capacity compared to the MOSCAD RTU's or be able to drive external devices. As a result, interpose relays may be required. The interface kit includes relays to provide higher capacity relays than those included with the ACE I/O modules.

  • The terminals provided with the interface kit allow for easier installation and up to 12 ga wiring. The terminals or dinkles on the I/O modules can be hard to access within the module housing and can be cramped for the wiring to the module. The interface kit terminals can be installed for more readily available access and easier wire routing.

NOTE: The add-on power supply for the DI and AI modules will be needed to provide wetting voltage for the DI’s and the AI loop power.

Radio Concentrators

  • Allows up to 4 Motorola SCADA and Irrigation controllers to share one radio.

  • Amplifies signal strenght to ensure no signal loss during the split.

  • Transmit and Receive power levels are adjustable from the front panel.

  • Each port is adjustable from Active High or Active Low.

  • Includes Channel Monitor and Push-To-Talk (PTT) monitoring LED's.

  • Compact 1 3/4''W X 5''H X 3 7/8''D enclosure.

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