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Irrigation Control System (ICS)

ICS (Irrigation Control System) Software for Central Control Systems

ICS has been developed by GDS (Global Data Specialists), one of Motorola’s largest Value Added Resellers for Control Systems. ICS software is an extremely intuitive and powerful control system application for central irrigation control systems.

ICS offers the following features and benefits:

  1. Monitor and control Motorola irrigation controllers

    1. Works with Motorola System Tool Suite software

    2. Supports Motorola ACE3600

    3. Supports Motorola Irrinet-M as both Master and Satellite

    4. Supports replacement for Motorola Piccolo controllers

  2. Ability to define highly flexible and versatile irrigation programs

  3. Supports a variety of communication types:

    1. Licensed radio (800MHz , UHF, and VHF frequencies)

    2. Unlicensed radio (900 MHz spread spectrum frequencies)

    3. Ethernet

    4. Cell modems

    5. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

  4. Perform additional applications such as:

    1. Lighting control

    2. Chemical level monitoring in aquatic centers

    3. Pump controls

    4. Custom applications

  5. Integrates with Weather Station to incorporate real-time weather data to modify irrigation programs

  6. Robust and flexible reporting capabilities

  7. Remote alarm notification by text, email or voice

  8. Remote access from anywhere or a wide variety of devices such as PCs, tablets, smart phones

  9. Local or cloud-based installation

  10. Allows conditional programming using If/Then statements

  11. Hierarchical user level access controlled by Admin

  12. Ability to operate in multiple operational domains or zones

  13. Mapping capability to view and manage irrigation network over aerial and satellite maps

  14. Designed and developed backed by GDS’ who has 40+ years of experience and expertise in central control irrigation systems using Motorola controllers.

Sample Map:


The Map Screen will allow a user to find/locate, and drill down into any existing Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) aka Field Unit, to check status, as well as to make changes.  From the map screen, it is simple to add additional controllers too.

Sample Field Unit Layout:


By clicking on either the Field Unit number, or the marker on the map, users can see more detail about the specific controller.  The Field Unit layout screen displays the program that is running, the flow (if being monitored), as well as the type of plant material being watered.

Sample RTU Configuration:

The RTU setup screen enables users to define the controller type being used and to define what is being watered, such turf, bush/shrub/tree, etc. This is also where the user defines the number of inputs/outputs available on that controller and what is being monitored or controlled.

Sample Conditional Statements:

unnamed (2).jpg

ICS offers Conditional Statements to Start or Stop a program, generate alarms, or to change the Water Factor.  Remote alarm notifications can be sent to a specific user or to a group of users if a defined condition is met. Remote alarm notifications can be text messages, emails, or voice calls.

Sample Irrigation Program:

unnamed (3).jpg

It is simple to create and edit Irrigation Programs. Programs can be designed to run on a particular schedule (every Monday, Wednesday, or Friday as an example), or on an Interval (every other day).  The user can also determine if the program will run for a set amount of time, or volume, i.e., total number of gallons. Water factors can be used to change the amount of water distributed based off of factors such as Evapotranspiration (ET).

Sample Irrigation Schedule:

unnamed (4).jpg
unnamed (1).jpg
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