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Engineering & Programming Services

Our staff of engineers and technicians is available to provide the following services for you:

  • SCADA System Design – Whether a new SCADA system is being designed or an older system is being upgraded, our systems engineers and technicians can assist in the up-front design of your new SCADA system, including bid specifications, FCC licensing, equipment development, and software bills of materials. This is the first step in ensuring that your SCADA system is designed correctly and will function as expected.


  • PLC and RTU Application Programming - Each PLC or RTU in the system requires application programming. In most cases our standard application program can be used if minor configuration is all that is needed. Custom programs can be designed for those systems requiring unique or more extensive programming. Our engineers have extensive experience in developing custom application programs for a wide variety of PLCs and RTUs.


  • HMI Development - For those SCADA systems utilizing a central computer with a graphical user interface software package (also known as HMI or Human Machine Interface), a central computer database must be created that allows the users and operators to monitor and control the system. The most common HMI packages used for SCADA applications are Wonderware, VTSCADA, and Intellution products. GDS engineers have developed over 100 databases using these HMI software packages. 


  • Systems Integration & Testing - Each new SCADA system requires systems integration to bring the system online and to verify that it is operating per the design specifications and requirements. To do this, GDS engineers make onsite visits to test all communication between the central computers operating the graphical user interface software and all PLCs / RTUs in the system. Operator training on the daily use of the system is also available to the customer.


  • System Upgrades - There are many customers currently using old or antiquated SCADA systems. When it comes time to upgrade those systems to next generation controllers, the GDS team can help with your upgrade to make the transition as seamless as possible. 


  • Custom Application Development – If our standard applications do not meet your requirements, GDS can customize them or develop bespoke applications for your specific project requirements.

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