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Irrigation Solutions

GDS (Global Data Specialists) has been providing irrigation control solutions to municipalities and commercial farms since 1975. In the dry southwest, where water is a precious commodity, GDS customers spend significant sums of money on irrigation. Every drop of water saved matters to us. GDS’ Central Control Irrigation Systems features wireless irrigation control systems that significantly reduce water consumption. Customers save water, time and money.

GDS’ smart irrigation controller solution offers a powerful central control system for municipalities, commercial farms, Homeowners Associations, school districts, and large commercial landscaping operators. Our solution enables customers to:

  • Save on their water bills by reducing water consumption

  • Monitor and alert operators in real-time for adverse events such as water leaks, high flows, and low flows. Such adverse events can be caused by main line bursts, valve failures, clogged nozzles or other field conditions.

  • Create a wide variety of reports detailing water usage over a range of periods such as hourly, daily, monthly and annually.


Our smart irrigation controllers:

  1. Monitor and control irrigation programs

  2. Feature the entire family of Motorola industrial controllers

  3. Also support a variety of non-Motorola PLCs

  4. Define highly flexible and versatile irrigation programs

  5. Supports a variety of communication types:

    1. Licensed radio (800MHz , UHF, and VHF frequencies)

    2. Unlicensed radio (900 MHz spread spectrum frequencies)

    3. Ethernet

    4. Cell modems

    5. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

  6. Perform additional applications such as:

    1. Lighting control

    2. Chemical level monitoring in aquatic centers

    3. Pump controls

    4. Custom applications

  7. Integrates with Weather Station to incorporate real-time weather data to modify irrigation programs

  8. Robust and flexible reporting capabilities

  9. Remote alarm notification by text, email or voice

  10. Remote access from anywhere or a wide variety of devices such as PCs, tablets, smart phones

  11. Local or cloud-based installation

  12. Allows conditional programming using If/Then statements

  13. Hierarchical user level access controlled by Admin

  14. Ability to operate in multiple operational domains or zones

  15. Mapping capability to view and manage irrigation network over aerial and satellite maps

  16. Designed and developed backed by GDS’ who has 40+ years of experience and expertise in central control irrigation systems.

Range of Services

Our range of services for the irrigation industry includes 

  • RTU/PLC installation

  • Panel building

  • RTU/PLC programming

  • Irrigation software programming and integration

  • Radio frequency communications, path surveys, FCC licensing

  • Instrumentation such as flow meters and other devices

  • A variety of post-sale services such as training, technical support, field service, preventive maintenance and repairs.

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