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As former Motorolans since 1975, and as an independent company since 1996, GDS technicians have been working tirelessly to extend the useful lifetimes of our customers’ PLC and RTU systems. Rather than buying new units, customers can save money and help conserve the environment by repairing their existing equipment. We repair over 1000 components each year.


The most common items that we repair are CPUs, power supplies, input and output modules, and radios. Whether your equipment is in or out of warranty, we will keep your down time to a minimum by providing you with fast, accurate, and complete repairs.​​​

  • Non-Warranty Repair is available for items that are out of manufacturer warranty. Physically or electrically damaged units, if economically repairable, can be repaired for a flat rate price. Repair prices include parts and labor and are covered by a conditional 90-day warranty. If not repairable, a BER (Beyond Economical Repair) checkout fee of $65 may apply.

  • Warranty Depot Repair is available for repair of products that are still under active manufacturer warranty under a GDS warranty services agreement. Most manufacturers' standard warranty period is one year. Repairs include parts and labor. GDS can extend the manufacturer warranty period under an extended warranty contract.

Please fill out the form below for all repair inquiries and orders.

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