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Water & Wastewater Solutions

Since inception GDS (Global Data Specialists) has served hundreds of water and wastewater customers. Our typical SCADA implementation for the water industry includes monitoring and control of transportation, distribution, and treatment of water and wastewater. GDS customers deploying our SCADA systems witness streamlined personnel deployment, significant improvement in operations, and save time and money. Our water customers have as few as 2 RTUs all the way to hundreds of them. They are based in virtually every state and in several foreign countries.

RTU/PLC Systems

A large number of our customers utilize Motorola RTUs. Motorola RTUs that GDS has deployed includes Intrac, Moscad, Moscad-L, Moscad-M, ACE3600, ACE1000 and soon the Motorola MC-Edge systems. Over the years, GDS engineers have built up their expertise and proficiency in deploying SCADA systems with Allen Bradley (Controllogix, Compactlogix, and Micrologix systems) Modicon, Moxa, and AutomationDirect PLCs.


HMI Software

GDS is a Certified Systems Integrator for Wonderware and VTScada. GDS has deployed hundreds of Wonderware and VTScada HMI systems over the years. We’ve also deployed iFIX, Intellution, and Proficy systems.


Communication Types

GDS’ typical RTU or PLC installation features licensed radios in the Low band, VHF, UHF, and 800 MHz frequency range. GDS is experienced in deploying trunked and digital radio networks, and systems with data radios, cell modems and Ethernet connectivity.


Range of Services

Our range of services for the water industry includes 

  • RTU/PLC installation

  • Panel building

  • RTU/PLC programming

  • HMI software programming and integration

  • Radio frequency communications, path surveys, FCC licensing

  • Instrumentation

  • A variety of post-sale services such as training, technical support, field service, preventive maintenance and repairs.

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