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Global Water / WTW

Global Data Specialists has been appointed as the Distributor and Value Added Reseller of Xylem Global Water Instrumentation and WTW products and services in Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada. This relationship between Xylem and Global Data Specialists provides you an unmatched range of water instrumentation products within easy reach. Call us today to see how we can help you.

Global Water Instrumentation

Global Water is a leading manufacturer, distributor, and systems integrator of water instrumentation serving the water, wastewater, and environmental markets. 


  • They design and manufacture their own products, as well as distribute products manufactured by other companies. 

  • They have a customer service orientation supported by well trained sales engineers and service technicians. 

  • They are committed to producing cost effective, accurate, rugged, and reliable monitoring solutions. 

  • Their products are engineered for simple installation, easy operation, and minimal maintenance. 

Global Water aims to be a manufacturer and distributor of the best products available to meet your water instrumentation needs. Here are a few key data points capable of measurement using Global Water Instrumentation:

  • Water Level

  • Water Flow

  • Water Samplers

  • Water Quality

  • Weather

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Industrial Controls

Global Water is a Xylem brand.  Xylem Inc (NYSE:XYL) is a leading global water technology provider enabling customers to transport, treat, test, and efficiently use water in a variety of settings. Global Water serves public utility, residential and commercial building services, industrial areas, and agricultural environments.


WTW offers the most comprehensive program of high-quality measuring devices for water analysis in the world. Reliability, operational safety, and versatility have made WTW's products an exceptional industry standard.

WTW's product portfolio includes bench-top meters and sensors, continuously operating stationary measuring systems, and portable meters as well as sensors and probes for mobile use. There are single and multi-parameter meters. The extensive product line includes meters for a large variety of parameters for water analytics.

All WTW products are manufactured exclusively in Germany.

WTW has been owned by Xylem Corporation since 2011 and has set a goal to contribute to the improvement of water management with innovative solutions and technologies. Through ongoing developments and improvements of sensor and analysis technology, WTW wants to make an important contribution to safeguarding water quality for generations to come.

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