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Field Services

Our staff of engineers and technicians is available to provide the following services for you:

  • Radio Path Surveys – GDS performs both software-based and field radio path surveys. While software-based radio path surveys can provide an overview of RF (radio frequency) coverage within a specific geographic area, field surveys are the gold standard for assessing site conditions and available radio paths. GDS team members perform field radio path surveys utilizing controllers to transmit data. Test results are analyzed and a comprehensive report is presented to the customer discussing viable radio paths and available options. ​​​

  • Installation & Startup - GDS performs installation of controllers that it supplies as an available option. Once the structure on which a controller will be installed is in place and site power becomes available, the GDS team performs installation, startup, and integration. Installation typically involves mounting the controller to a permanent structure, installing antennas, installing coaxial cables and connectors, connecting field wiring to controller wiring, and performing field acceptance testing. On-the-job operator training is also offered.


  • Troubleshooting - If a system is not performing as expected, it may be time to have the GDS team perform a service call to the project site. Our field service technicians are available for spur-of-the-moment field service calls to troubleshoot malfunctioning systems. Such on-demand service calls can be scheduled as soon as the same or next business day based on team-member availability and access to parts.​


  • Preventive Maintenance - PM (preventive maintenance) is an excellent investment to maximize the return on investment in a SCADA Telemetry system. PM service extends the useful life of systems and reduces the possibility of unexpected system downtime by preventively servicing vital components of a system. Each year, we perform PM on hundreds of controllers. PM visits are always scheduled in advance and are performed in the least intrusive manner possible. Although we offer a standard menu of service options for PM, each service can be customized to each customer’s specifications.

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