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Other Products

Explore a host of other products from brands including Rockwell Automation, Wonderware, and VT Scada.

Throughout the years our company has helped to deployed numerous PLC controller systems such as Allen Bradley and Modicon. While the capabilities of RTUs and PLCs are converging, PLCs are best-suited for local area control of industrial processes. Though the original PLCs were developed for wired communications, current generation PLCs handle wireless communications just as well as RTUs do.

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HMI software helps to convert data from industrial controllers into actionable, visual representations of the control system. Monitor and control your SCADA system by using state-of-the art HMI software that is customized and configured for your application. Our Engineers and PLC Programmers have deep expertise in integrating Wonderware, FactoryTalk, VTScada and iFix, among other HMI software applications.

Typically ruggedized for use in the field or in a plant environment, OITs are continuously being improved to match the rich graphics and flexibility offered by HMI applications, so much so that OIT and HMI are beginning to be used interchangeably. The GDS team has integrated OIT systems from a variety of OEMs such as Red Lion, Maple Systems and Allen Bradley.


RKI Instruments, Inc. has partnered with Riken Keiki Co. Ltd., the world leader in gas detection and sensor technologies. With over 800,000 portable and fixed gas monitors sold worldwide, RKI has over 700 employees, a large number of which are engineers and scientists. RKI provides Gas Detection for life, so not only will your equipment protect your life and property from hazardous gases and vapors, but with proper care, it may be the last gas detector you'll ever need.

Global Water Instrumentation, a division of Xylem Water Solutions and Water Technology, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of water, wastewater and environmental instrumentation. Global Water Instrumentation focuses on producing cost effective, accurate, rugged, and reliable monitoring and control solutions at reasonable prices.

Antennas, Coax Cables, and Connectors

GDS serves as a one-stop shop for all your radio frequency SCADA and Telemetry requirements. We offer a wide variety of antennas ranging from Omnidirectional, Yagi and Low-profile disc or pancake antennas. Our antenna range encompasses Low-band, VHF, UHF and 800 MHz antennas. We also offer a plethora of different types of coaxial cables and connectors to make your systems integration project go smoothly.

Any product not detailed above that you need for your SCADA Telemetry system fits into this category. Our accessories include everything from Mixed I/O Interface kits to Radio Concentrators and more!

Refurbished Products

At GDS, we realize that our customers view investments in their SCADA Telemetry systems as capital projects and we are committed to providing refurbished products that will help to extend the useful lifecycle of your SCADA systems, for as long as spare parts are available and feasible. As the designated repair depot for RTUs, PLCs, radios and related components, we have a large inventory of refurbished equipment available for whatever your needs may be.

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