Water & Wastewater

Whether it’s providing monitoring only or complete control over your water and wastewater operations, GDS has a solution for you. As one of the most technically competent and dependable SCADA systems integrators since 1996, we have the expertise to assist you in maximizing efficiency and streamlining your water and wastewater operations.


GDS offers a complete suite of irrigation-centered control solutions to help you significantly reduce water consumption while conserving time and money. Our team of certified irrigation specialists and controls engineers develops and deploys industry-leading irrigation control systems for dozens of customers worldwide.

Electric Utilities

Utilize our specialized controllers and applications to boost productivity, improve customer satisfaction, reduce downtime, and avoid regulatory actions. GDS’ electric utility solutions provide improved sectionalizing during outages to isolate problem areas and reroute power in order to quickly restore service to the affected areas.

Emergency Alerting

GDS’ emergency alerting and alarm monitoring systems are present in industries ranging from chemical plants to oil and gas facilities. Our control systems reliably broadcast emergency alerts through Public Address (PA) systems while also monitoring and controlling entry and exit doors and windows as well as fire, water, smoke, and hazardous chemical sensors.

Custom Applications

We offer a vast array of custom applications hand-tailored to your needs. Examples of systems we monitor include water pumps that evacuate roadways of accumulated rainwater, exhaust fans used to maintain air quality in underground mines, and storage conditions at military munitions facilities.


Headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, Global Data Specialists (GDS) traces its roots back to the 1970s as Motorola’s warranty and repair center in the Southwest. In 1996, GDS spun off from its parent company and established itself as the leading value-added reseller of Motorola products in the nation, specializing in SCADA and radio telemetry services. GDS has since evolved to specialize in control systems integration, functioning across various industries and applications. In our 20+ years of business, we are yet to encounter a control system endeavor which is beyond our capability!


Our team of skillful engineers and technicians has completed over 1,000 SCADA projects worldwide, in temperatures ranging from -50 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. With GDS by your side, you can rest assured that all your control systems are operating seamlessly day and night.


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