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Motorola ACE3600 RTU


The MOSCAD family of controllers (MOSCAD, MOSCAD-L and MOSCAD-M) have reached the end of their product lifecycle and have been canceled. Spare parts and accessories are becoming harder to obtain, but GDS has you covered with a healthy stock of refurbished parts. We can help you keep your existing SCADA system up and running in the short run, but the long-term solution is to upgrade. We can assist you with your upgrade in a staggered manner over a multi-year upgrade path based on your needs. Contact us today for more information.

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems are essential to support the most demanding industrial applications and to keep operations running smoothly. Motorola's ACE3600 offers a robust and powerful monitoring and control system that connects across a variety of communication media and data processing protocols. Enhanced security features ensure that operations aren’t compromised. Its modular design and abundant customization options enable the ACE3600 to fit to any customer’s SCADA needs.

  • High-Performance, Real-Time Processing Power: The ACE3600’s processing power provides accurate data analysis and communication for the most critical and demanding SCADA applications to ensure optimal operation with a 32-bit processor running at 200 MHz.

  • Operations-Critical Redundancy: The ACE3600 can be configured with redundancy with a simple Ethernet interconnection. This ensures continuous operation if one CPU or power supply were to fail.

  • Large Scale Capacity: 24 different types of I/O modules are available, and each RTU has the capability to support up to 110 I/O modules, providing flexibility to configure large or small sites compactly and cost-effectively.

  • Connection Versatility Across Operational Technologies: Connect to operational technologies seamlessly and transmit information efficiently with the ACE3600’s extensive common data protocol support combined with Motorola’s enhanced MDLC communications protocol.

  • Interoperable Communication Capabilities: The ACE3600’s unique communication capabilities allow SCADA systems to transmit valuable data over a variety of media including analog/digital two-way radio, dial-up modem, point-to-point microwave, 3G/4G public or private cell networks, and Ethernet -- simultaneously.

  • Enhanced Security Feature Set: Apply the same state-of-the-art security features that Motorola provides for military and critical enterprise networks to mission-critical SCADA systems. ACE3600 supports a full range of best-practice security options directly within the RTUs for a self-contained, autonomously secure system featuring the following:

    • Security Enforcement Policy

    • Built-In Firewall

    • Access Control

    • Role-Based Access Controls

    • Intrusion Detection System

    • Application Control Software

    • Encryption

    • Unused Port Deactivation

    • Time-Window Commands

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