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Motorola ACE1000 RTU


The Motorola ACE1000 RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) is an easy-to-deploy SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) solution that can help you monitor and control your system while delivering versatile data communication and processing needs for a diverse set of applications without having to completely replace your current operational technologies. The ACE1000 facilitates greater productivity and safety in a compact new package.

The ACE1000 features a Linux-based operating system for quick and easy application programming. Connecting to operational technologies is seamless and efficient with the ACE1000’s extensive common data protocol combined with Motorola’s enhanced MDLC protocol.

The ACE1000’s unique communication capabilities allows data transmission over a variety of media channels including analog or digital two-way radio, dial-up modem, point-to-point microwave, 3G/4G public or private, and Ethernet -- simultaneously.

The unit is easy to install and has user-friendly configuration tools, allowing for setup of the entire system at once rather than individual setup of each unit. The new menu-driven GUI and the “Easy Programming Tool” further reduce the amount of time and money needed for deploying a system.

The ACE1000 RTU is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, unlike the average programmable logic controller (PLC), which is built for the factory floor. Temperature, altitude, and humidity are no match for the ACE1000, which meets IECEx/ ATEX - EXnA IIC T4 (Cat 3/Zone 2) rugged specifications. The ACE1000 also offers Low Power and Sleep Mode options that are ideal for operating on solar power.

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