Repair Depot

Since 1975 as former Motorolans and when we opened our doors in 1996, the technicians of GDSI have been involved in the repair and maintenance of the Motorola Fixed Data Products.

This equipment includes:      

  • MIR5000
  • Irrinet
  • Irricom
  • Piccolo

  • Impact
  • Irrinet-XL
  • Irrinet-XM
  • Irrinet-ACE
  • Irrinet-M
  • Keyboards
  • Power Supplies

  • Whether your equipment is in or out of Warranty, we will keep your down time to a minimum by fast, accurate and complete repairs.

    • Warranty Depot Repair - For repair of Fixed Data products still under active Motorola warranty. Extended warranty contracts are available. Motorola standard warranty period is 1-year parts and labor. All Standard Terms and Conditions apply. Repairs include parts, labor and return shipping via UPS Ground or equivalent.
    • Non-Warranty Repair - To avoid wildly fluctuating prices, flat rate pricing has been established on many of the Fixed Data products. Prices include parts, labor and return shipping via Federal Express P2. All repairs are covered by a conditional 90-day warranty. Physically or electrically damaged units (if economically repairable) will be repaired at the flat rate charge. No-Trouble Found units will be charged a check out fee.

      Exclusions: SP's or modified equipment.

    All repairs not covered under Maintenance Agreements, Flat Rates, or Warranty will be performed under time and material rates. Prices will include all parts and labor. No Trouble Founds (NTF) and Estimates will be charged a checkout fee. All repairs will be covered by a conditional 90-day warranty. Prices are subject to change without notice.

    If you would like a quotation for the Maintenance Agreements, Preventive Maintenance Check and Service Contract, or other requests, please contact us.