Preventive Maintenance (PM)

PM Contracts

Preventative Maintenance Check and Service Contracts are available for the Motorola Intrac, MOSCAD/MOSCAD-L, ACE3600, and Irrinet/Irrinet-ACE Systems. Upon completion of the PM Service a report will be provided detailing the service provided and status of each RTU and the
central site(s).

Typical Service Checks of the RTU and FIU include the following items:

  • Inspection of the Antenna, Coaxial Cable and Connectors.
  • Inspect External RTU Power & I/O Cabling
  • Inspect Internal RTU Cabling and Connections
  • Test Radio For: Tx/Rx Frequency, RF Power Out, Reflected Power, Receive Sensitivity, Tx Frequency Error, Deviation
  • Conduct Battery Tests, with and without load
  • Verify Communication to Central Computer(s)
  • Verify Functionality of I/O Modules: Using Test Set for Intrac RTU's, and simulate contact closures for MOSCAD and ACE3600 RTU's
  • Document RTU if needed: RTU Type, RTU Model, RTU Serial #, RTU Field Name, Radio Type, Power Supply Type, I/O Module(s) Type(s), I/O Wiring, Site Address, System Address, FCP Configuration (Intrac), RTU Application (MOSCAD and ACE3600)

P. M. Checks & Services at Central Computer(s) to include: Verify proper operation of all peripherals, Clean computer system, Run software diagnostics, Defrag hard drive, Backup all security system files, Backup alarm log files, Clean keyboard and mouse

  • Maintenance Agreements - Agreements include parts, labor and return shipping via Federal Express P1.  Equipment must be in good working order at the start of the contract.  Units that exhibit evidence of physical or electrical damage may not be covered under the Maintenance Agreement and would be repaired under time and material rates.  A complete equipment list must be supplied at time of quotation as well as before contract start date.  INTRAC and MOSCAD Maintenance Agreement customers receive toll-free telephone technical support. Over the phone programming of the Central Data Base and MOSCAD RTU as well as component level troubleshooting are not covered as part of technical support.

    Exclusions: batteries, antennas, chargers, and other accessory items.

If you would like a quotation for the Maintenance Agreements, Preventive Maintenance Check and Service Contract, or other requests, please contact us.