HMI Programming

Each and every new RTU in your system must have an application downloaded into it that allows for configuration of the communications (i.e. radio or IP), required I/O modules, and ladder logic programming for site specific operation. This also holds true for the Field Interface Unit/Front End Processor (FIU/FEP) located at the operator facility.

The ACE3600 utilizes a MDLC protocol, which is a Motorola SCADA protocol that is based on the Open System Interconnection (OSI) model recommended by the International Organization for Standardization. MDLC utilizes all seven layers of the OSI model. This protocol is designed for optimum operation in SCADA systems which operate with diverse communication media such as two-way radio, line, LAN, etc. Each RTU and FIU/FEP has all seven layers of the MDLC protocol available to them.


If you would like a quotation for specialty programming services for the ACE3600 or MOSCAD/MOSCAD-L or other requests, for your current or future project, please contact us.

To help with this programming and configuration required with the equipment, GDSI has created an FIU/RTU application that takes care of the seven layer protocols and all necessary tables and communications requirements so they do not have to be created from scratch. This application drastically reduces the programming time since development of an operating system application is no longer required and also allows for ease in the configuration of the hardware.

The GDSI ACE3600 FIU/RTU application allows for store-and-forward capability, runtimes and number of starts, flow totalizations, etc. This application is suitable in point-to-point communications such as IP and digital radio, as well as systems needing point-to-multipoint communications like analog radio or wireline modems.